Jenny Boone Hilaire Thomas (the inventor) Guido Thomas
Thomas Electronics developped since 1965 electronics for horticulture, like: wireless alarmsystems, frost control devices, tomatovibrators etc…
After that the tomato growers started trickling plants, algae became a still bigger problem than before because the tricklers were clogged by algae. In 1999 as a consequence, our first ultrasonic device against algae was designed. It was immediately a succes. Till now about 15000 are sold. Our team continiously works on improvement. Not only the algae but also the biofilm, that is responsable for the multiplication of all kinds of fungae and bacteriabiofilm, is removed by the NT4, NT5 and NT6.

For the moment there are a lot of applications:

  • Irrigation ponds
  • Cooling towers
  • Fishing ponds
  • Fish nursery for consumption
  • Sewage treatment
  • Swimming pool
  • City ponds and fountains
  • Beerpumps
  • Biertanks
  • Golf courses
  • Boats (algae growth etc.)

By continiously investing in further research THOMAS ELECTRONICS puts its position in the forefront of the ultrasound technology and provides its customers over the whole world with the best tools for solving algae an illness problems.
A few forgers give the technology a bad reputation and are not afraid of using OUR references .
To recognize our devices( that sometimes are sold under a private label)they are provides of the stamp as drawn here below.