The AQUASONIC NT5 is a derivative of the NT4.1. It posseses but 2 transducers that can be moved in all directions It is thus very capable of being placed in ponds or pools of a special form.
€2900 ex vat


Power: 40 Watt

Voltage: 220 Volt (110/130 volt on request)

The transducer is double shielded from the power net by an isolating transformer.

Length of cable to transducer : 16,3 meter.

CE conform.

2 year garantee.

The electro box is made in polycarbonate.

The transducer is molded in rust resisting steel.

All materials are resistant to ultraviolet light of the sun.

An electro box for 4 or 8 transducers is available in option.

The transducers can be placed in such a way that they can cover completely ponds of several forms.